Marc Quilez and Benjamin Tison haven't gone far from their first main draw together at the World Padel Tour Lugo Open.

He does not hide it, Benjamin Tison is looking to enter for the second time in a final table of the WPT this season, and we can say that he did not go far to get there in Galicia.

Indeed, after having benefited from a forfeit in the second round of the previas, the Frenchman and his partner came up against two players accustomed to these final tables: Miguel Semmler and Javi Leal. The two young players who have recently announced to separate were more solid at the end of the match to come away with the victory: 6/4 3/6 6/3.

Nevertheless, it remains a successful tournament for the Franco-Spanish pair. As he says on his Instagram account, the Frenchman now has his eyes riveted on the French Championships of padel starting on Friday!

At the Lugo Open, make way for the girls, with Léa Godallier and Ariadna Cañellas' debut at 17 p.m., against Blanco (15) / Piltcher (50), then Castello / Collombon, at 33 p.m., against Guinart (18) / Rodriguez ( 30)!

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