WPT Madrid Master – Di Nenno and Stupaczuk bring down the number 1s

After a very beautiful lady final why WPT Madrid Master, it was the men's turn to enter the track. For this clash of the titans in the Spanish capital, we had the right to one side of the track with the essentials Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello and on the other Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk. If the number 1s on the circuit have impressed with their level of play since the start of the season, it is another pair who have also distinguished themselves on the tracks of the Spanish circuit since their new association. Indeed, the Superpibes have been showing a very good face for several months and have once again proven that they are serious competitors.

The heckled favorites

A rather bitter start to the match for the Spanish-Argentinian pair who, despite a very good level of play, did not manage to win against a very solid Di Nenno and Stupa. The two Argentinians did not give up during this meeting and decided to step up the pace to take the advantage during the first set. Indeed, while the two teams did not intend to give up, it was ultimately the native of “Chaco” and his partner who came to cast doubt on “King” Arturo and the “Mozart” of Catamarca.

Stupa / Di Nenno on a cloud

With confidence, the two players took the opportunity to distance themselves from their rivals of the day. Martin and Franco set the pace for this second round. More regular and solid, the outsiders of the meeting managed to put the bosses of the circuit in difficulty. The Argentinians knew how to take advantage of their strategy and delighted the public who came in droves to see the cream of the padel global. Well on their feet, the two friends accelerated their game to win in two sets and win their fifth title of the season on the circuit World Padel Tour.

Final score: 7/5 - 6/4

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Sebastien Carrasco