There will be 4 French this evening in the second round of the preprevias of the Adeslas Madrid Open following the victories of Bergeron / Haziza and Blanqué / Yribarren.

This morning, Johan Bergeron and Robin Haziza had dominated Xavi de Benito and Victor Saenz de Navarrete 6/3 6/3. The French pair play again at 17h00 against Edu Alonso (91st) and Jesus Moya (88th), seeded 3 of the preprevias. A very complicated match so ...

At the start of the afternoon, it was Bastien Blanqué and his new partner Borja Yribarren who won against Marc Pou Serra and Carlos Mora Iscar: 6/2 6/3. A great performance for the Franco-Spanish pair who played their first official match there. Bastien and Borja play again at 19h00 against Adriá Mercadal (115th) and Jesús Ruíz Bohorquez (148th).

Blanqué and Yribarren WPT 2021

Finally, Benjamin Tison (106) et Teodoro Zapata (88) make their entry into the tournament at 19h00 also, in the second round of the preprevias, against Iker Del Valle Gonzalez (158th) and Enrique Goenaga Garcia (166th). The two young Spaniards won in three sets this morning. !

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