All the favorites on paper from the last round of the previas of theAdeslas Madrid Open 2021 du World Padel Tour bowed this morning!

A morning of surprises for girls

Improbable! The first 4 seeds of the previas lost this morning, and three of them face pairs from the preprevias. The proof that the level continues to rise on the WPT!

A little inside, Léa Godallier and Ariadna Cañellas were surprised by Sandra Bellver (58) and Claudia Jensen Sirvent (84). Coming from the preprevias, the Italian-Spanish pair thwarts all predictions to offer themselves a place in the main draw of the WPT Adeslas Madrid Open thanks to this victory 6/2 3/6 6/1. The victory is historic because the young Italian Claudia Jensen has only the 15th anniversary !

Claudia jensen world padel tour

Ángela Caro and Nuria Rodríguez, two players accustomed to the tables, seed number 1 of the previas, also bowed to Nuria Rovira and Maite Gabarrus Alonso. The morning's shock was won by the number 5 seed: 7/6 6/3.

Carla Tur Mari et Pilar Escandell Planells also won, in 3 sets, against Celeste Paz and Sara Ruiz Soto, seed number 2!

Finally, the sensation of the preprevias, Noa Canovas / Jimena Velasco, dominated the seeded number 4, Sara Pujals / Julia Polo in a very big game: 3/6 6/2 7/6! We will therefore have new faces in this feminine painting!

The new pairs already established for men

In gentlemen, Maximiliano Sánchez and Adrián Allemandi did the job by winning over Méndez / Oria (6/4 6/3). Successful debuts also for the pair Lamperti / Coello, who only needed two sets to get out Piñeiro / Barahona (6/4 6/2).

It also passes for Javier Rico Dasi and Jerónimo Gonzalez Luque, who will be the first opponents of Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez, for their long-awaited entry into the running.
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