This is the huge surprise of the day on the World Padel Tour ! Miguel Benitez and Gonzalo Rubio eliminated Juan Lebron and Ale Galan.

After a very big fight, Miguel Benitez and Gonzalo Rubio managed to create the feat against the numbers 1 yesterday in the round of XNUMX.

For his very first career eighth, the young Miguel Benitez (25), associated with left-hander Gonzalo Rubio, could not have dreamed of a better scenario. The new pair has come to grips with recent winners of Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major at the end of an unbreathable tie-break.

Summary of the round of 08 (the match in question starts at 32:XNUMX in the video)

While the numbers 1 had won the first set 6/3 and seemed set for a new success, they witnessed the return of their opponents who passed them a 6/1 to pick up the score. The last round was very close and it finally saw the underdogs come away with the victory 3/6 6/1 7/6 (6).

Thanks to this success, we will find them today against the locals Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz in a match with an Andalusian flavor since Benitez is from Cadiz and Rubio from Seville!

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