Johan Bergeron and Pablo Cardona Huerta win their first match together at the World Padel Tour Malaga Open 2021.

For their first official match together, Johan Bergeron and Pablo Cardona did not tremble in the first round of the preprevias of the World Padel Tour Malaga Open. A victory 6 / 3 6 / 1 facing José Carlos Bernal Rodríguez  et Jose Maria Garcia Sanchez-Castilla.

Thanks to this success the Franco-Spanish pair will play again at 19h30 facing the seed 6 of these preprevias: Miguel Ángel Solbes (89) / Miguel González García (100).

Note that Johan is the only French in the men's tournament since due to a Benjamin Tison injury, the latter and Marc Quilez were forced to forfeit before the start of the competition.

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