The first 2021 Master on the World Padel Tour promises us impressive posters, with all the seeds starting in the round of XNUMX!

Final table

Who says Master says that all seeds start in the round of XNUMX. So we're going to have explosive posters!

In the men

In this context, several first rounds, planned Wednesday will already be of a very high standard. No luck for Maxi Sanchez and Lucho Capra who inherited from the outset Juan Lebron and Ale Galan !

In the grip of doubts, Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz will have to get rid ofAllemandi and Lijo, which have been gaining momentum for some time!

Pablo Lijo Tito Allemandi WPT Alicante Open 2021

Very big match also, the one between JM Diaz / Coki Nieto and the finalists of the Santander Open, Javi Rico and Momo Gonzalez !

Disappointing in the north of Spain, Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello will have to come out of an always tough pair: Sergio Alba / Francisco Gil.

 Sanyo Gutierrez and his nephew Cristian, seeded number 6, will face each other for their first tournament together at a pair of qualifiers. It could be the sensation of the start of the season: Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler! In case of victory, the Gutierrez could face another nephew of Sanyo, Agustin, and his partner Javi Martinez. For that, they will have to beat the Brazilians Lucas Campagnolo and Lucas Bergamini. We are not there yet!

To find the full table, it's here: WPT Men's Final Table Marbella Master

In the ladies

For the girls, all eyes will be on Wednesday on the third clash this season between Marta Marrero / Marta Ortega et Victoria Iglesias / Aranzazu Osoro. Back in the semifinals in Santander, will the Martas finally manage to dominate this pair which has hurt them very badly at the start of the season?

Two of the most disappointing pairs of 2021 meet in the round of XNUMX in a game of all dangers: This Reiter / Carolina Navarro vs Eli Amatriain / Sofia Araujo !

For this Master, we will have two Franco-Spanish pairs in the main draw : Collombon / Castello and Cañellas / Godallier! The former will face Alicia Blanco / Nuria Rodriguez, while the latter will face a pair from the previas!

To find the complete table, it's here: WPT Marbella Master Ladies Final Table


For the first time this season, there will be no French in previas, but there will be a French since Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata will make their debut there. The Franco-Spanish pair are taking full advantage of their good start to the season and the Master format to enter directly into previas. It will be opposed to a pair from the preprevias.

Many legends of padel global will fight in these previas: Cristian Gutierrez Albizu, Godo Diaz, Fernando Poggi, Maxi Grabiel / Seba Nerone, Marcello Jardim…

Among the girls, we find teams that we used to see in preprevias lately, like the Italians Pappacena / Sussarello or one of the revelation pairs from this start of the season: Canovas / Velasco.


In preprevias, no French for girls, since Mélissa Martin, injured during the internship of the France team, is not yet restored.

In boys, on the other hand, it is in all 7 tricolors who will tread the slopes of the Recinto Ferial in Marbella, a record at the start of the season! In preprevias, we will have like lately Blanqué / Leygue et Bergeron / Simon Vasquez, But also Maigret / Peyrou et Moreau / Oscar Vasquez ! The meetings will start on Saturday, we will come back to it soon with the traditional “draw of the French”!


In the meantime, find below the preprevias and previas tables :

WPT Marbella Master 2021 Previas Women

WPT Marbella Master 2021 Previas Men

WPT Marbella Master 2021 Preprevias Women

WPT Marbella Master 2021 Preprevias men

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