The numbers 1 Ale Galan and Juan Lebron prevail in final of World Padel Tour Marbella Master facing Agustin Tapia and Pablo Lima.

And 3! Galan and Lebron win their third title this season on the World Padel Tour. Thanks to this victory in the first Master of 2021, the Spaniards consolidate their first place in the standings.

Untouchable throughout the tournament, Ale and Juan were once again dominating in the final. In a first set where Lima and Tapia were able to stay alive largely thanks to the puntos de oro (3 won to 1), the Spaniards were more solid in the tie-break to win it 7 points to 5.

In the second set, the decisive points fell on the side of the numbers 1 who won 6/2 with 4 games won in punto de oro, against only 1 for Lima / Tapia. In the end, the Brazilian and Argentinian will not have delivered a bad game but they will have made too many mistakes to hope for better against the strongest pair in the WPT at the moment. The supporters of Pablo and Agustin can still rejoice at the end of this tournament which saw them approaching the level to which they were expected.

Lebron and Galan prove they are the pair to beat on the World Padel Tour, whatever the conditions. Indoor winners in Santander, in the north of Spain, they are now winning outdoors, in the south of the country. The competition will have to organize themselves quickly to try to deprive them of a new title in Valladolid!



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