There will be three members of the Gutierrez family on the same track this afternoon in the round of XNUMX of the Marbella Master of the World Padel Tour.

Bela injured, Sanyo Gutierrez has aligned himself with this WPT Marbella Master with his nephew, Cristian German Gutierrez. For their first match together, they have dominated Leal / Semmler in straight sets yesterday. For those with doubts, Sanyo has proven himself to be just as intractable on the left as he is on the right.

Today he will have his other nephew in the diagonal, a certain Agustin Gutierrez, who won in three sets yesterday with Javi Martínez against Bueno / Rivera.

Agustin gutierrez

The three members of the Gutierrez family will therefore be together today on the central World Padel Tour ! Huge pride for Sanyo, as he has declared on Instagram.

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