Momo Gonzalez and Alex Ruiz will play tomorrow at the Marbella Master their very first final together in a tournament of the World Padel Tour. And what could be better than doing it almost at home for these two players from Malaga!

On the heels of their surprise victory yesterday against Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno, Momo and Alex started the game with a bang, leaving Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello very few options. It's simple, the Spaniards won the first 21 points disputed on their service!

In this context, it was difficult for the Argentinians to put pressure on their opponents, who won the first set 6/2. Although in great difficulty at the start of the game, Rodri Ovide's men did not let themselves be defeated and by dint of self-sacrifice, they managed to get into the game and rejoined with one set everywhere (6/3).

In a very close third set, Chingotto and Tello thought they had done the hardest part when they took their opponents' service and served to win the match at 5/4. But pushed by spectators won over to their cause, the Andalusians managed to resume their service and offer a decisive game of all dangers to the public. More precise in this tie-break, they imposed their game at the best time to leave with victory: 6/2 3/6 7/6.

We will therefore find Gonzalez and Ruiz tomorrow in the final against Lebron / Galan or Gutiérrez / Tapia. For a new feat? Whatever happens this Sunday, it is already a very good performance for these two players who have been playing together for less than two months!

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