Laura Clergue and Léa Godallier, face Pilar Escandell and Carla Tur this afternoon in the round of XNUMX of the World Padel Tour, for the second time today!

This is a peculiarity that sometimes happens on the World Padel Tour. Carla Tur and Pilar Escandell, who lost this morning (3/6 5/7) against Léa Godallier and Laure Clergue in the final of the previas, were randomly drawn to return to the board following the Marrero / Josemaria package.

Chance of the table, they face this afternoon, in the round of XNUMX ...Laura Clergue and Léa Godallier ! A very special situation that Tur / Escandell already know, but the other way around. It was in Madrid, already against a Frenchwoman, since the Spaniards had beaten Mélissa Martin / Méli Garcia, before facing them again the next day, and winning again.

It is in any case a opportunity for them to take their revenge the same day. Hopefully the French, who have been calm this morning, will repeat this afternoon, and enter the round of XNUMX a second time this year.

To note that meetings are late, thus the match initially scheduled for 17 p.m., should start around 18 p.m..

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