We had a great time once again during the World Padel Tour Estrella Damm Menorca Open, here are the three most beautiful points of the tournament in video.

In view of the crazy matches we attended last weekend, we imagine that the WPT must have had very difficult to choose 3 points, so many “puntazos” were!

In third position, the magician Sanyo Gutierrez lets us admire all his talent with a cushioned backhand volley against which Mati Diaz can nothing.

Also during this marathon quarter-final, it's this time Franco Stupaczuk which is illustrated, with two incredible counters on Maxi Sanchez's smashes! We will also note the incredible defense of Sanyo with the glass.

Finally, in first position, Agustin Tapia ends a real “puntazo” of an overpowered smash while diving towards the net, phenomenal!

Video credit: World Padel Tour

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