Discover the posters of the quarter-finals of the World Padel Tour CDMX Open. Will we be entitled to as many surprises as in the eighths ?

Posters of the quarter-finals of the World Padel Tour Mexico Open are well known, and extremely rare, only four seeds are present! The last Open of 2021 gives pride of place to surprises and we should still be entitled to beautiful posters today.

The stakes are high for 4 pairs in particular. Of course we first think of the pairs Galan / Lebron and Di Nenno / Navarro who are engaged in a fight from a distance to finish the year at the top of the standings.

Javi Rico and Momo Gonzalez, tied for sixteenth in the Race, will give everything to try to qualify together for the Master Final, while Miguel Lamperti, 18th also still has hopes of being present in Madrid!

Some matches promise to be hot!

Le program du jour

  • 12 p.m. local time (19 p.m. in France): Lamperti / Yanguas vs Sanz / Silingo
  • To be continued: Galan / Lebron vs Ruiz / Stupaczuk
  • 16 p.m. local time (23 p.m. in France): Di Nenno / Navarro vs Gonzalez Rico
  • 19 p.m. local time (02 a.m. in France): Chingotto / Tello vs Belluati / Moyano


For those who would like to see the summary of the eighths, it goes just below:

To follow the quarter-finals it happens on World Pádel Tour TV!

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