Focus on an emblematic player of the World Padel Tour (WPT) in recent years: Miguel Lamperti. A charismatic player, much loved by the public, who in recent seasons has been a little below his usual standards. But it seems that the great Lamperti is back with the young Arturo Coello.

A complicated course in recent years!

The Argentine player has had a complicated journey in previous seasons. Failed to achieve results, he changed partners several times, without much success.

In 2018, Lamperti starred with his lifelong friend Juani Mieres. After a good year during which 2 times finalists and 4 times as semi-finalists, he decides to change partners to play with left-hander Lucho Capra.

The pair did not perform very well so much that Lamperti ended the year with Mieres. In this season, he will not go beyond the quarter-finals, which is not up to his status.

In 2020, a season truncated by the Covid 19, the number of tournaments fell, but it also did not exceed the quarters with the Brazilian Bergamini. We remember in particular cruel matches with many games lost in the “punto de oro”.

The showman is back!

With his new partner, the very young Arturo Coello, the phoenix seem to be reborn from its ashes!

In any case, despite his 42 years, he seems to regain the state of mind he had a few years ago. For the fans it is a pleasure to see.

Ultra-motivated alongside one of the most talented players currently on the tour, he has shown a envy overflowing on the court, which resulted in superb results! A surprise victory against the number 4 seed Navarro / Di Nenno, who led “Miguelito” to achieve his first semi-final since 2019! Faced with Sanyo and Bela, Miguel and Arturo have all the same delivered a big match despite the defeat.

Particularly at ease in fast conditions, he was extremely efficient on the spike, his favorite shot. He has already shown to be very complementary with Coello, a left-hander of 1m94 who excels in the attacking game!

We can't wait to see what this exciting pair has in store for the rest of the competition!

source: WPT

Alexis Dutour

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