The match between the WPT and the APT Padel Tour is launched. APT Padel Tour started the fight in increasing the prize money of its tournaments. The WPT was quick to respond.

Indeed, as a first response, the WPT will offer more matches broadcast to their audience. WPT spokesperson Mario Hernando officially announced: “From next year, there will be more broadcasting days, in order to offer more visibility to the players and more hours of entertainment to our fans.”

For the moment, we do not really know how this will be done. As Sebastian Nerone (WPT player and commentator) explains, the circuit so far seemed to have a vested interest in creating a certain scarcity around the WPT product:

“Today the spectator says to himself: 'Ok, it is Friday, it is the day of padel on Youtube'. But if you add too many broadcasting days, will the public always be invested in watching the matches? He could say to himself, I don't know when I will watch because I have all the week to do it ”.

What is the reason for this change of course? We can't help but think that the recent announcements from Fabrice Pastor's circuit have had an impact on this decision.

Indeed, by broadcasting from the sixteenth or eighth, the WPT will offer more visibility to those who find it difficult to play the leading roles and fully live their status as professional players. Enough to dissuade certain talents from going to see what is happening next door? Case to follow.

source: Olé

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