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WPT Next: prize-money and points to be won revealed

We told you about it a few days ago, le World Padel Tour and the Spanish Federation of Padel have decided to join forces and create a whole new category of tournament: World Padel Tour Next.

The latter will be divided into four subcategories of tournaments: NEXT DIAMONDNEXT EMERALDNEXT-RUBY et NEXT SAPPHIRE.

This Tuesday, May 31 it is via the account WPT Instagram that the organizers wanted to communicate about the various rewards and points to be won during these competitions.


It is the most important tournament. The winners will win 136 precious points and at least 14 euros will be shared.
This competition will be prohibited for players ranked between 1st and 16th place.


This category will be the second most important and will offer champions 68 points. Between 8 euros and 100 euros will be at stake.
Only players from the thirtieth place will be able to register for these tournaments.


Third and penultimate category. This sub-category will offer 34 points to the winners and is reserved for players from the 40th place.
In terms of endowment, it will be between 3 euros to 100 euros.


Last category, the Next Sapphire, which will be reserved for players ranked after the 50th place.
The champions will leave with 9 points and the prize money is limited to 3 euros.

It goes without saying that for all these categories the Gentlemen and the Ladies will earn the same number of points as well as an identical endowment.

Le World Padel Tour and the FEP wish to make padel the only sport that respects parity at the amateur and professional level.

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