Definitely the rain disrupts the show au World Padel Tour Valladolid Master, with a new interruption this morning.

Barely started, the day of the round of 1 must already be interrupted because of the rain. When the organization decided to stop the game, two matches were disputed. Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzalez led 0/4 against Caldera/Polo, while Sofia Araujo and Marta Talavan were ahead against Caparros/Barrera: 2/XNUMX.

Note that two sixteenths could not end last night. They are Bela/Coello vs Gutiérrez/Windahl (6/4 2/5) and Gil/Silingo vs Oria/Mendez (6/3 5/5).

We will let you know as soon as meetings can resume. You will find just below the program which was planned for this Thursday on World Padel Tour TV :


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