Aranzazu Osoro decided to separate from his partner Teresa Navarro, to play with her namesake, the 15th player of the World Padel Tour, Carolina Navarro.

A bit like in the men where it could be that Maxi Sanchez leaves Mati Diaz, for Juan Martin Diaz, in the girls Aranzazu Osoro leaves Teresa Navarro for Carolina Navarro.

Carolina, who has lost his partner This Reiter to injury until the end of the season était looking for a top player to finish 2020. And she found her with the very talented Aranzazu Osoro, the 27th player of the WPT.

A rather surprising change since the two players systematically evolve on the left. We imagine that the veteran Navarro will return to the left and that they will turn in attack, in the manner of Bela and Tapia. Anyway Argentina Aranzazu puts an end to his association with Teresa Navarro, which did not really have the expected results.

It is not known at the moment with whom Teresa will argue the Master of Barcelona which starts in less than two weeks. 22nd in the standings, she is certainly not likely to run out of proposals, and we should therefore once again see some changes of pairs among the girls ...

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