We look forward to the resumption of the World Padel Tour. Fortunately, we only have one week to wait before the Marbella preprevias.

The WPT resumes on March 01, 2020, by the male preprevias of the Master of Marbella. From Sunday, we will see a good part of the French delegation at work. In the men's table, among the 78 teams registered for the moment (there can be up to 100 teams, registrations are still open until the 25th), we find Moreau / Acevedo, Bergeron / Lopez Garcia, Scatena / Tison. Thomas Leygue and Nicolas Trancart have a wild card. These four teams will start sunday in preprevias. For the time being, Bastien Blanqué is not yet registered.

For the ladies, the picture is already complete, and of the 56 teams registered, there are 5 French players. Alix Collombon and his partner Nicole Travesia will go directly into the table, so we will only see them on Wednesday. The other pairs will be in preprevia: Léa Godallier / Laura Clergue, Mélissa Martin / Meli Garcia, and Fiona Ligi / Diana Silva. We will see these teams at work monday or tuesday, indeed in view of their classification, Godallier / Clergue could be among the four preprevias seeded teams and start directly in the second round. Also possible for the other two pairs to be part of the few teams drawn which have a “Bye” in the first round of preprevias.

We hope that the French will delight us during this tournament and that they will go as far as possible!

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