Lucho Capra and Ramiro Moyano, who shared the track in 2018, decide to get back together after unsuccessful attempts in 2019.

Lucho Capra, who finished the 20th world player, had a rather bizarre 2019 season, including three different partners. Despite a promising start to the season with Miguel Lamperti, the two Argentines separated and the left-hander continued the adventure with Cristian Gutierrez. An association that did not work, and he again changed crew to evolve with Lucas Campagnolo. winners of the Paris Challenger didn't really confirm afterwards and therefore separated at the end of the season, the Brazilian turning to the ghost Juan Martin Diaz.

We can't say that the 2019 season of Ramiro Moyano, completed at 25th place WPT ranking was a success either. It is therefore logical that the Argentine separated from Juan Cruz Belluati, which will evolve next year with Pablo Lijo.

After these unsuccessful attempts the two Argentines sound a duo which worked rather well in 2018. The two men should still join the fight to finish in the first 8 pairs, synonymous with access to the Final Master.

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