WPT / Premier Padel – Players are tired of having to participate in two circuits

It's a historic season for the padel professional. Indeed, with the arrival of the circuit Premier Padel, the players of World Padel Tour have never played so many tournaments.

And if they have accepted, via the PPA association, to compete in the events of the new official circuit of the FIP, they all already seem very tired of this situation. Indeed, with to date 21 tournaments played on the WPT (including 4 Challengers) and 5 on Premier Padel, the bodies clearly begin to fire.

Martin Di Nenno was already sounding the alarm in July, and today he is imitated by other players on the circuit who do not hide their exhaustion. Last week, Javi Garrido declared to our colleagues from Marca that this situation could not last forever. Sanyo Gutiérrez did the same with the magazine Olé. In an interview, the Argentinian explains that he is tired of having to play on two circuits and complains in particular of exacerbated physical fatigue. He and his current partner, Agustin Tapia, have also decided to skip the New Giza Premier Padel P1...

The New Giza Premier Padel P1 will be played without Sanyo and Tapia

This situation, which delights the fans but obviously not all the players, does not seem to be about to end in any case. Indeed, the players' contract with the World Padel Tour running until the end of 2023, we say to ourselves that the latter will still have to turn their backs next season. What will happen next? Today, with the refusal of PPA to attend the new presentation of the WPT in Menorca, the most likely outcome appears to be a definitive takeover of Premier Padel 2024 beginning.

But the circuit, which has recently had a certain Alex Corretja as assistant to its presidency, can still, if we are to believe the last post by Pablo Lijo, try to get back in the game by dropping the lawsuits against the players. For its part, the APT Padel Tour plans spectacular announcements for 2023 and intends to try to secure the services of the biggest stars of the padel global. In this context, it is difficult to know what will happen in the coming months, but one thing seems certain, it is that players should not miss tournaments to express themselves...

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Xan Tafernaberry