Last match of semi-finals. This emotional morning shows that the top seeds of the World Padel Tour have to worry about. Good news for the show.

Since the rainy day on Thursday, the programming has changed. We end up with semi-finals on a Sunday morning followed by finals in the afternoon. And the show is there.

The live shows us the first half ladies between Gemma Triay / Lucía Sainz against Marta Ortega and Bea González. Gemma and Lucía very fit and especially at ease since the start of the tournament, who after eliminating the number 2 seeds Salazar / Sánchez, are happy to give Ortega / González a 6/3 6/3 .

The second half women offered a match at the top, worthy of a final poster between Marta Marrero / Paula Josemaría and the Alayeto twins. Three very tight sets but in the end it will be the number 1 seeds who will offer access to the final this afternoon at 17 pm, 6/1 6/7 6/3.

For the men, surprise with the victory of Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz over the numbers 1 Galán / Lebron. An exemplary match of lucidity, tactics, and certainly frustration, nervousness on the side of Lebron with conditions different from what we have known since the start of the season. Fewer benchmarks, wind, sun, slower playing conditions made the case for Ruiz / Botello who fully deserve this place in the final, 6/4 6/3.

It remains to know the last finalist, a match to follow live on the page of World Padel Tour, between Agustín Tapia / Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Silingo / Martín Di Nenno.

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a padel teacher in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very appreciated by clubs and padel players. Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his many padel tutorials.