It is done ! The table of World Padel Tour Adeslas Open is out. We obviously find all the new pairs of 2021!

Final table

For both men and women, it will be necessary wait until Thursday to see the first 4 seeds at work.

On the boys side, we find Lebrón / Galan and Lima / Tapia in the upper part of the painting, while Belasteguin / Gutierrez and Navarro / Di Nenno are in the lower part. Scarecrows Chingotto / Tello meet in an upper part which promises to be hot!

For the ladies, Salazar / Triay and Gonzalez / Sainz are in the upper part, while Marrero / Ortega and Josemaría / Sanchez are in the lower part, as are the Alayeto twins!

All these pairs will be warmly waiting for the winners of the big clashes in the round of XNUMX !

In the men

De beautiful entrance posters like the one between the new pair Capra / Lijo and Bergamini / Campagnolo which reform their 100% Brazilian duo! A huge match that will send the winners to challenge another Brazilian, Pablo Lima and his new partner Agustin Tapia!

Other very enticing matches on Wednesday include a Lamperti / Coello vs Piñeiro / Barahona, which will see the winners take on Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno! Very very heavy !

In the ladies

On the girls side, there is also superb posters from the sixteenth, like Virseda / Martínez vs Mesa / Las Heras to face Salazar / Triay in the eighth. For Alix Collombon and his new partner Jessica Castello, there is an entry point against the reformed duo Bidahorria / Tenorio. The winners will be able to compete against the brand new pair: Lucia Sainz and Béa Gonzalez! We will come back to that.

In previas

The game of changing pairs and unlocking the ranking will make that some pairs will go down to previas. We think of Sergio Alba and Francisco Gil for the men, and the French Léa Godallier, and her new partner Ariadna Cañellas, for the women!

All these seeded pairs in previas await their opponents who will rise from preprevias. They will make their entry into the running Monday for boys, and Tuesday for girls.


Beginning of hostilities this Sunday morning for men with interesting matches from the first round, such as the one between Johan Bergeron and Robin Haziza à Xavi from Benito, well known in France, and its partner Victor saenz.

In girls, it starts Monday and there will be a Frenchwoman: Melissa Martin, associated with Martina Fassio, they will face the experienced pair Carrascosa / Perez. Proof that the level continues to rise, Fiona Ligi and her partner could not fit into the table!

We will come back soon to the French draw. In the meantime, you will find all the tables just below:

WPT Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 Women's Final Draw

WPT Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 Previa Ladies

WPT Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 Preprevia Ladies

WPT Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 Final Draw men

WPT Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 Previa men

WPT Adeslas Madrid Open 2021 Preprevia men

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