We continue with the Top 5 of the best players of the World Padel Tour. Today place to Federico Chingotto, 10th in the WPT ranking.

Federico Chingotto is a player apart. Small in size, the Argentinean is certainly tall in terms of talent! Despite his 23 years, he trains with his friend Juan Tello the oldest pair in the WPT. An ultra complementary duo that expert Seba Nerone sees as one of the most likely to dethrone Lebron and Galan in 2021.

For this, the Argentine pair will still need a Chingotto at its best. A player who, from the right side of the track, is able to defend all the balls but also to sanction when necessary. Thanks to his supersonic speed and his incredible hand, the native of Buenos Aires is a real ordeal for his opponents. You will be able to realize it in this Top 5 all in intensity!


Video credit: YouTube World Padel Tour

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