Fernando Belasteguin and Arturo Coello were very hot this Wednesday for their entry into the running at World Padel Tour Valencia Open.

After Chingotto and Tello eliminated yesterday, it was Bela and Coello who were not far from dropping out today. In very slow conditions, they suffered against a particularly inspired Miguel Lamperti and Jon Sanz.

After a tight first set, finally lost in the tie-break, Arturo and Fernando returned to the coal, sticking to one set everywhere. But in the third set the players of Miguel Sciorilli were initially greatly dominated by their opponents. Indeed, fully recovered, Lamperti and Sanz were going to lead until 5/1.

But here it is, a Belasteguin never surrenders, as it is written on the wrist strap of the Wilson Bela Pro of the “legend of Pehuajo”! And with a decisive Arturo when necessary, the Hispano-Argentinian pair still managed to get out of it after a huge fight (with sometimes very hot times !): 6/7 6/3 7/5 final score.

Thanks to this success, Bela and Coello will face Lucas Campagnolo / Javi Garrido tomorrow, two players who have never beaten them!

Find all the results of the sixteenth HERE.

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