Delfi Brea and Tamara Icardo win'' Valencia Open from World Padel Tour. The Argentina and the Spaniard put in an unforgettable performance to bring down the No. 1 Salazar and Triay. 6/7 6/1 6/4

A cruel first set for Brea / Icardo

Delfi Brea and Tamara Icardo approach the match with disconcerting accuracy. Triay / Salazar has great difficulty in all service games, and struggles to earn points.

"Icarsteguin”Exclaims Gaby Reca on the bench. Tamara does the show, but the n ° 1 do not drop out: they are only led by a station wagon.


The eighth game of the first set is the tipping point. Gemma and Alejandra resume the break and equalize at 4/4, despite the feeling of domination of their opponents. This is probably what makes the difference between great teams and No.1s: the ability to stay in the game when the pair are in pain. On the next game, they walk past. 5/4

“We're not going to get upset now! We learn from our mistakes. It is we who dominate, and we must not let them gain confidence." Gaby Reca doesn't want his players out of the game at this difficult time.

On a set point to defend, Icardo impresses with lobs of great accuracy. This player is at the top of her game, and that does her team a lot of good.

The last games of the first set are endless with exchanges all more spectacular than the others. This set could not have any other outcome than the tie-break, plus the delight of the 2 spectators. 6/6

In the tie-break, the n ° 1 do not commit any more fault. The score scrolls to 6-0. It's really cruel to Delfi Brea and Tamara Icardo. This set proves that it takes a lot to get a set from these two women who dominate the padel global. 7/6 (7-0) in 1h13.


Finally rewarded

Delfi Brea and Tamara Icardo stay strong by saving break points on the first serve set, then making the break on the next set. The service of Delphi is won easily. 3/0

Argentina and Valencian regain their level of play at the start of the first set, and this time the n ° 1 can not react. They make the double-break and serve for the set! 5/1

Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay make some unusual mistakes: they appear to be recharging batteries for the third set. Brea / Icardo is back ! 6/1 in 34 minutes and only 3 unforced errors.


The law of the strongest

The start of the third set sees Triay / Salazar in a tie-break mode from the first set. The n ° 1 no longer want to be afraid and start the decisive set in the best way: 3 points lost in 3 games, and 3/0.

Delfi Brea and Tamara Icardo come back from a 40/15 in the 5th game of the set to win in a very nice way the service of Salazar. The station wagon is recovered, and the battle continues! 3/2

Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay come back stronger at the change of sides. Harder in the battle, the Spaniards make another break in a decisive moment, but Brea / Icardo breaks in the next game. What a scenario! 4/3

Brea, then Icardo by 4 to save two break points and pick up again in this 3rd set! On the next game, the two women touch the excellence of the padel. 4 sumptuous points to make the white station wagon! Magnificent. 5/4 and serve to win the tournament.

On the last standoff, a punto de oro that is worth much more than gold, Delfi Brea gives everything she has and gives Tamara Icardo a victory against her home crowd. 6/4


Nero is in tears at the comments. This match is historic. This match is undoubtedly the best performance of the season on the World Padel Tour.

Icardo :“I love Valencia. I am very happy to win at home. Delfi played an incredible tournament. Valnce adopted her. ”

Brea:"It's a dream. I can't talk anymore. Thank you (in tears). ”

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The two players thus win their second season title, after that of Santander.

The track is well heated to host the long awaited match between Fernando Belasteguin / Sanyo Gutierrez vs Juan Lebron / Ale Galan.

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