All French people engaged this morning in the preprevias of World Padel Tour Valladolid Masters bowed, a very hard morning for the French…

The morning had started badly with the defeat of Johan Bergeron and Simon Vasquez against Matias Nicoletti and Adrian Rodriguez. The Franco-Swedish pair, although in good shape lately, have been greatly dominated by the experienced Nicoletti and his young partner. A 6/3 6/1 defeat at the end of which the French champion said on his Instagram account : “We just took a lesson. Without making a bad game, but they were amazing the whole game ”.

Then, this sound Thomas Leygue and his new partner Pablo Diaz Del Guante who suffered the law of the Scandinavians Ask / Sjovall. The Norwegian and the Finn win 6/1 7/5.

Finally, Max Moreau and Álvaro Delgado Sánchez bow to the Frenchman's former teammate Oscar Vazquez, and his new partner Ignacio Sager Nagel, in a big game: 6/3 2/6 5/7.

This afternoon, Bastien Blanqué and Nicolas Suescun will enter the running against Mario Huete and David Fernandez, two players who train in Madrid, just like the French champion and his partner! Start of the meeting at 19h00 !


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