For this first tournament of World Padel Tour played in Italy, in Sardinia more precisely, Agustin Tapia was elected MVP.

We had used to seeing either Ale Galan or Juan Lebron be elected MVP of the tournaments World Padel Tour since the two young Spaniards won the first 4 tournaments contested post-containment!

This time, it's an Argentinian who steals the show! In the victory of Tapia / Belasteguin in the final, against the executioners of Galan / Lebron, Ruiz / Botello, Agustin Tapia performed a high class part.

Decisive on the smash, biting on the fly, and solid in defense, the “Genius of Catamarca” was impressive in all areas, which allowed him to afford the second MVP title of his young career ! Great art!

Video credit: World Padel Tour

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