The Top 10 video of the most beautiful points of the pair Pablo Lima / Fernando Belasteguin on the World Padel Tour!

2019 was marked by the end of the Pablo Lima / Fernando Belasteguin pair. The two men, who have been evolving together for 4 years, have passed 3 years and 8 months world number one ! A pair that has clearly dominated the world padel.

To pay tribute to this incredible duo, the World Padel Tour has concocted a Top 10 of their most beautiful points. You will therefore see exceptional points, with in particular monstrous exchanges in front of Lamperti / Mieres, like the smash of Miguel Lamperti countered by Bela. Mythical.

A compilation of more than 8 minutes which should delight all fans of beautiful games: very very heavy!

Video credit: YouTube World Padel Tour

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