Fifth day of competition in Madrid this Thursday, July 22, 2021 and the least we can say is that the players still put on the show.

Prepare yourself for great meetings this Friday and as for each quarter-final the matches are of course visible in streaming on the WPT Youtube channel.
We leave you the links to watch this day of padel amazing at the end of the article.

Among the Gentlemen

If the favorites were generally there, it should be noted the big surprise of the day yesterday: the elimination of Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno against Lamperti and Yanguas.

This new pair is already causing a sensation by qualifying for its first quarter-final but be careful because they will have to rub shoulders with the last winners of the World Padel Tour Valencia Open, the legendary pair, Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez.

The Argentines defeated their opponents for the day, Juan Cruz Belluati and Javier Garrido in 3 sets, 7-5 / 2-6 / 6-3.

Another pair winning their access to the next stage of the competition is Victor Ruiz Remedios and José Rico who forfeit their rivals Matias Diaz and Joseda Sanchez qualify for the quarterfinals. Joseda Sanchez injured in the shoulder, Victor Ruiz and José Rico complete a quarter as soon as they return to the slopes together!

Stupa and Ruiz were solid to eliminate another new pair, Jon Sanz / Agustin Gomez Sillingo, in straight sets: 7-6 (4) / 6-2.

Number 1s also got the job done in the face of Sergio Alba and Francisco Gil Morales at the end of the day. Final score: 6-4 / 6-4.

Video summaries

In the ladies

A bit like in the Round of 1, the favorites did the job.

One of the first victims is none other than our only French representative, Léa Godallier.
Facing pair number 2 made up of Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, our Frenchwoman and her partner Ariadna Cañellas delivered a very nice first set. Breaked at 5/4 on punto de oro, they did not manage to get back into the game. Victory 6/4 6/1 for the favorites who are already in the semi-final following the Teresa Navarro package.

Sara Pujals and Julia Polo could not do much in the face of las Martas. Victory in 2 sets 6-1 / 6-3 for Ortega and Marrero.

The surprise of the day comes to us from the side of Patricia Llaguno and Virginia Riera, who bow 4-6 / 6-1 / 1-6 to Veronica Virseda and Lucia Martinez.

The summary videos

The 1/4 Ladies posters

  • Lucia Sainz - Beatriz Gonzalez / Aranzazu Osoro - Victoria Iglesias at 10h
  • Alejandra Salazar - Gemma Triay / Marta Ortega - Marta Marrero in the second part of the morning
  • Delfina Brea - Tamara Icardo / Veronica Virseda and Lucia Martinez 

1/4 Men posters

  • Federico Chingotto - Juan Tello / Maxi Sanchez - Lucho Capra late morning
  • Miguel Lamperti - Miguel Yanguas / Sanyo Gutierrez - Fernando Belasteguin Rates from 16h00
  • Pablo Lima - Agustin Tapia / Victor Ruiz Remedios - José Rico in the second part of the afternoon
  • Alejandro Galan - Juan Lebron / Franco Stupazcuk - Alejandro Ruiz at the end of the day


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