To make us wait until his return, the World Padel Tour offers us a new Top 5 of the most beautiful points of 2020, this time it is that of Fernando Belasteguin!

Fernando Belasteguin is certainly not one of the strongest smashers in the World Padel Tour, but it is nonetheless spectacular. In his characteristic style, made of precision and tactical intelligence, the one who will soon celebrate his 42 years is still clearly one of the best players in the WPT.

Brought to form a experienced and extremely competitive duo with Sanyo Gutierrez, the one who spent 16 consecutive years at the top of the world hierarchy of padel still has a bright future ahead of him.

While waiting for the resumption, the World Padel Tour offers us this video of the five most beautiful points of 2020 of “King Bela”. Exits from the track at the end of the race, fierce defenses, reflex shots at the net or even thundering bajada, the Argentinean flaunts his so characteristic repertoire. A panoply that still allows him today to disgust his opponents. All players are warned, it will be necessary to count on the native of Pehuajó in 2021!

Video credit: World Padel Tour

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