Discover in video the eight pairs which will be seeded during the resumption of the World Padel Tour, on the occasion of the Adeslas Open in Madrid!

We are always closer to the return of the World Padel Tour, and to wait a little longer, the WPT offers us a little teasing video to satisfy us before April 4, date of the resumption!

If in girls, the teams have moved again, among the men, the pairs who should play the leading roles were able to calmly prepare for the start of the school year and they will arrive white hot. We already had a nice preview this weekend during the premiere of Fernando Belasteguin and Sanyo Gutierrez !

We are therefore happy with a little preview of what could offer the eight pairs that will start 2021 with the status of seeds:

  • N ° 1: Galan - Lebron
  • N ° 2: Belasteguin - Gutierrez
  • N ° 3: Lima - Tapia
  • N ° 4: Di Nenno - Navarro
  • N ° 5: Tello - Chingotto
  • N ° 6: Sanchez - Allemandi
  • N ° 7: Stupaczuk - Alex Ruiz
  • N ° 8: Botello - Javi Ruiz


Video credit: World Padel Tour


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