Discover in video the points of World Padel Tour who reacted the most on social networks during the 2020 season.

This year 2020 of padel will have been viral from all points of view: of course by the presence of the coronavirus which will have disturbed the entire planet, but also at the level of the popularity of our sport, which will have continued to grow. As proof, the World Padel Tour a broke audience records at almost every tournament this season !

It must be said that the show will have been once again more than the appointment! The WPT therefore offers us yet another best-of, this time with the points that most reacted on social networks. There are moments that will certainly remain in the legend, like this not come from elsewhere by Sanyo Gutierrez, or the Ale Galan jump to put a ball that bounced off the grid of his opponents! Enjoy!


Video credit: YouTube World Padel Tour

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