Le World Padel Tour Treat us once again with this time the Top 10 of the most beautiful amortizations of 2020: fans of finesse games, this video is made for you!

The champions of the World Padel Tour know how to do everything, recoveries, overpowered smashes, defenses of all kinds. If it takes a big physique to practice padel that we see today, it is better also to have a good hand, as we will see in this video.

The girls are in the spotlight in this video in finesse, with 4 players present in this best of the most beautiful amortizations of 2020! Strangely, we can't find the specialist Alejandra Salazar in this video but four other players: Gemma Triay, Paula Josemaria, Aranzazu Osoro and Marta Marrero.

For the men, we are more on “dormilonas” than on cushionings strictly speaking, namely recoveries from smashes played very smoothly. In this exercise, we obviously find players with a very good hand: Sanyo Gutierrez, Juan Lebron, Paquito Navarro, Federico Chingotto and Fernando Belasteguin who was a little lucky at the time!


Video credit: YouTube World Padel Tour

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