Friday is a special day since it gives us the opportunity to see the show of World Padel Tour live, we enjoyed ourselves in front of the Menorca Open.

There was a very nice show yesterday on the World Padel Tour, with gestures that we had never seen for some (see 2 minutes 35 from the summary of Galan / Lebron vs Chingotto / Tello)!

Galan / Lebron vs Chingotto / Tello

After having faced each other twice in the final, these two pairs found themselves today in the quarterfinals of this Menorca Open. Untouchable in the first set, Galan / Lebron suffered a bit in the second, before going around in the third. Despite the loss of a set, the Spaniards, who win, 6/1 3/6 6/3 were once again impressive, and given the fast conditions, it's hard to see what could stop them ...

Video credit: World Padel Tour

Belasteguin / Tapia vs JMD / Campagnolo

Before the big game that awaits them at 16h00 facing the world number 1, the winners of the Sardegna Open did not drag on the track. Dominators in the air, and not only, the Argentines prevail 6 / 1 6 / 1 against Diaz / Campagnolo who certainly lacked a bit of rhythm together and who missed their game a bit. Bela / Tapia showed a high level of play, enough to push Lebron / Galan?

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Stupaczuk / Gutierrez vs Sanchez / Diaz

This battle between former teammates gave us a very big game, suspense with a last set that is played in a tie-break and great points! Final victory of Stupa / Gutierrez 6/2 5/7 7/6, which allows them to find Lima / Navarro in the semifinals, from 10:00 today.

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Lima / Navarro vs Silingo / Di Nenno

This match between a pair returning to competition, and one of the teams in form in recent weeks has kept all its promises. Two sets of crazy intensity, both played in a tie-break and which fall into the hands of Navarro / Lima. This victory 7 / 6 7 / 6 should give them all the confidence they need for their clash with Sanyo and Stupa.

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Quarter-finals dams

This morning, Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sanchez delivered a real recital on the track. Patty Llaguno and Eli Amatriain could not do anything and bow heavily: 6 / 0 6 / 2. After their elimination in the quarterfinals in Sardinia, Ale and Ari set the record straight to find the last four.

Bea Gonzalez and Marta Ortega have also respected their status against Brea / Nogueira. They impose themselves 6 / 1 7 / 5 and offer themselves a new ticket for the semi-finals.

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Unlike the other seeds, the binoculars Alayeto needed three sets to rule Sofia Araujo and Virginia Riera 6/7 7/5 6/1. They have up to this late afternoon to recover well, before the shock that awaits them against Sanchez / Salazar. The match will start after the Lebron / Galan vs Tapia / Bela meeting.

In the wake of their victory in Sardinia, Lucia Sainz and Gemma Triay, who plays in some ways at home, were intractable against Alba Galan and Victoria Iglesias. A victory 6 / 3 6 / 2, which propels them to the semi-finals, where they will meet Ortega / Gonzalez, as in Sardinia. Martita and Bea, who had been clearly dominated in Italy, will seek revenge. We are waiting for a big game just after the meeting between Navarro / Lima and Gutierrez / Stupaczuk !

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