There is not only the men who put on the show on the World Padel Tour, the girls also offered us superb points in this year 2020 marked by the pandemic.

Do you have 15 minutes in front of you? Make yourself comfortable on your sofa and enjoy the show that the girls from World Padel Tour have to offer you!

During this particular year, le padel feminine has taken on an additional dimension, with very, very high level matches, fierce competition, and a lot of spectacle. Obviously less airy and powerful than their male counterparts, the girls offer a different style of play, less aggressive, but just as interesting.

Often a little forgotten from the compilations of “puntazos”, they prove to us through this Top 10 that they aret able to do everything on the track. Smashes by 3, exits from the slopes, amortizations, recoveries, blockages… everything goes, for our greatest pleasure!


Video credit: World Padel Tour

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