The semi-finals of World Padel Tour Vienna Padel Open look attractive. Unfortunately, it is impossible to follow them in France…

La surprise Mesa/Jensen against Josemaria / Sanchez, Bela and Coello in great shape against Lebron and Galan, the numbers 1 Triay and Salazar against Brea / Icardo, and finally a clash between pairs numbers 2 and 3: Di Nenno / Navarro vs Gutiérrez / Tapia. It's a beautiful day to padel coming up in Austria. A beautiful day of padel to which we French fans of padel we won't be able to attend.

Indeed, Canal Plus, which owns the rights to the WPT in France, has chosen not to broadcast the WPT Vienna. Padel Open, and the circuit did not put the games on free-to-air broadcast on World Padel Tour TV as he did before… So we will have to settle for the summaries, which we will share with you once the matches are over.

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