Following the withdrawal of Lucas Bergamini and Victor Ruiz, Sanyo Gutiérrez and Agustin Tapi have already qualified for the quarter-finals of the WPT Vienna Padel Open.

They haven't hit the track in Austria yet, but the Argentinians are already in the quarter-finals of Vienna Padel Open.

Seeded 3, Sanyo and Agustin were supposed to start their tournament this Thursday, in the round of XNUMX. But Lucas Bergamini having injured his ankle yesterday during his victory with Victor Ruiz against Cepero / Lijo, the Spanish-Brazilian pair was forced to retire.

Gutiérrez and Tapia therefore have an extra day of rest, before tackling serious things tomorrow. It will either face the Nieto/Yanguas sensation, or facing Moya/Sans!

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