Year 2020 is no longer a paradox and the padel is no exception. Even though there have only been 11 tournaments World Padel Tour disputed because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the audience has never been stronger and more loyal.

+ 34% in one year!

Already present on various television channels across Europe, the padel touch a increasingly large audience and always more passionate on YouTube. The numbers don't lie and they are particularly good. Indeed, the only chain of World Padel Tour has accumulated 85.768.000 views throughout the year. This corresponds to matches broadcast live, reruns, and also videos offered throughout the year. From the Spanish site, It's about a increase of 34% compared to 2019 even though the 2020 financial year was planed by 7 tournaments, or nearly 40% of the season!

Arturo Coello left-handed forehand volley WPT


Development of the English-speaking audience

Spanish is the number 1 language of padel, with very strong audiences in Spain, Argentina and Mexico. However, 2020 was marked by the growth of an English-speaking audience. It was also a notable step forward for the WPT to attract a new audience beyond more traditional borders. Of the 11 tournaments played, there was 2 million views with commentary in the language of Shakespeare. In the finals of theEstrella Damm Menorca Master Final, which closed the season, a record 94 simultaneous connections were recorded, of which 464 with English commentary. If proportionally, the ratio seems low, it is still a very encouraging start, with significant market shares in Scandinavia. As an example, the audience has completely doubled in Sweden in 3.

Focus on 500.000 subscribers

La Youtube channel of World Padel Tour exceeded the milestone of 400.000 subscribers at the start of 2021. A satisfaction that makes a point of honor to a particularly prosperous 2020, with 134.000 additional followers compared to 2019, i.e. a increase of 54%. The icing on the cake, not only did the number of “thumbs up” on all the videos posted reach the figure of 674.000 but in addition, the ratio of “likes” to “dislikes” is from 94,6% to 96,1%!

In light of these results, it appears that containment has helped increase the success of padel both in practice but also in dissemination. 2021 must therefore serve to transform this growth into lasting success. But since the padel is addictive, we don't worry too much about the future!

François Miguel Boudet Journalist padel sport

I am a sports journalist living in Barcelona and obviously a fan of padel.

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