This fourth day of competition at the WPT Vigo Open gave us a surprising round of 1. And the least we can say is that in view of tomorrow's posters, the show is not about to end.

In the men

Hostilities will start as soon as 9h30 by a fight between Paquito Navarro - Martin Di Nenno face Pablo Lijo et Tito Allemandi. The number 4 seed has not yet found the recipe in 2021 but it will still leave the favorite against a pair who won their very first match yesterday.

Le second match of the day will oppose the world numbers 1 Alejandro galan et Juan lebron face Sergio Alba et Francisco Gil Morales. Still catchy, Alba and Gil should have a hard time though,el Lobo et Galantico show a level of play similar to that of Alicante ...

The day will continue with Javier Garrido et Juan Cruz Belluati face  Pablo Lima et Augustin Tapia. If the latter act as favorites, they will still have to be wary of their rivals because after two eliminations at the very start of the competition (1/8 in Madrid and 1/16 in the final in Alicante) the Hispanic - Argentinian pair, who have impressed yesterday, thirsty for revenge.

After the break, return to the track from 15h30 with an interesting encounter between a very promising pair composed of Miguel Yanguas et Ivan Ramirez and the most consistent pair of the start of the year, the number 1 of the WPT race, Alejandro Ruiz et Franco Stupazuck. The Winners and finalists of the last two tournaments have so far managed to find an excellent understanding on the pitch and will not want to miss this chance to shine once again in this competition.

Miguel Yanguas forehand volley

At the same time, Ramiro Moyano and his friend José Rico, discreet at the start of the season, will try to destabilize a pair that impressed yesterday : Uri Botello et Javier Ruiz.

From 16h30 the revelation pair at the start of the year, Miguel Semmler / Javi Leal will try to continue his adventure in front of a more experienced pair: Martin Pineiro / Javier Barahona. Since the start of the year, the young Spaniards have been playing a very good game and seeing their level improve over the course of the competitions. If the legs are likely to shoot for this eighth game 5 days, they will not make the task easy for their opponents!

Then we will attend an Argentina-Brazil clasico: Fernando Belasteguin - Sanyo Gutierrez vs Lucas BergaminiLucas Campagnolo. The Lucas have just won the first FIP ​​Gold in history, they are in good shape and want to offer themselves a first performance this year on the WPT.

Finally for the last game, it will be Maxi Sanchez et son partenaire I fight Capra who will try to return in this 2021 season by eliminating one of the surprise pairs of the 1 / 16th, the one made up of Juan Martin Diaz et Coki Nieto.

In the ladies  

Start of the day at 9h30 also and the first matches will already be very interesting for our female friends.

Indeed we will start with a meeting between the pair Alba Galan et Mari Carmen Villalba et the Martas which should absolutely make us forget their disappointing start to the season. This match announces the return of Alba, which a few days ago had to forfeit Jaén's FIP Gold because it had been positive for Covid 19.
In his absence, his partner Mari Carmen was then associated with Victoria Iglesias to compete in this competition, and win it!
This title has boosted his confidence and that will be a major asset during this match because Alba seems to have recovered from the virus and will want to give everything to leave the favorites lacking in confidence.

At the same time, another pair accustomed to the top of the table will play. Patricia Llaguno et Virginia Riera will have to compete for their place in the quarterfinals against the youngsters Marta Talavan et Lorena Rufo who will want to surprise.

In the second part of the morning, Alix Collombon et Jessica Castello, who want to afford a first quarter this season will have to fight against one of the pair in form : Delfi Brea et Tamara Icardo. The Lyonnaise and her Spanish partner have a good chance to play and have the weapons to carry out this fight.

On the court next door Lucia Sainz et Bea Gonzalez will face Araceli Martinez et Sandra Hernandez. A meeting which should lead to an easy victory for the favorites.

The third round will give us a match between the number 1, Alejandra Salazar et Gemma Triay, and Lucia Martinez placeholder image et Veronica Virseda, pair that they have already dominated this season.

At the same time, it is on paper one of the biggest shocks of the day that will take place: Ariana Sanchez/Paula Josemaría vs Aranzazu Osoro / Victoria Iglesias. Although they are starting favorites, Ari and Paula will have to be wary of this pair which is one of the fittest of the season, with two victories over the Martas in particular!

Aranzazu Osoro forehand volley
Aranzazu Osoro

At the end of the day, Eli Amatriain et Sofia Araujo will try to offer their first quarter together on the WPT after two disappointing tournaments. To do this, they will have to defeat the surprising pair made up ofRaquel plitcher and Esther Carnicero.

Finally, Alayeto binoculars who carry out their tournament of recovery, will face Cata Tenorio and Julieta Bidahorria.

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