Follow live commentary, the 16th final of the Open from Vigo World Padel Tour between Teodoro Zapata and Benjamin Tison facing the world's first pair at race 2021 Franco Stupaczuk and Alejandro Ruiz.

Benjamin Tison is disappointed after this meeting, but he knows he had an excellent game. With this performance, the padel French is entering a new dimension.

Teodoro Zapata and Benjamin Tison will not be unworthy. Facing the No. 1 pair in the race, the Frenchman and the Spaniard have proven that this main draw from Vigo is unlikely to be a oneshot. The level of play shown is very encouraging and bodes well for the future.

Franco Stupaczuk and Alejandro Ruiz are when to them launched in this WPT of Vigo. They have to fight and the strength shown in this match lets us think that a new final is possible in Galicia. We are not there yet.

6/2 Franco Stupaczuk and Alejandro Ruiz win the match

wpt vigo alex-ruiz-franco-stupaczuk smile victory

Teodoro Zapata and Benjamin Tison can do nothing more.

Ruiz serves for the match, and doesn't want to be scared. 15-0

  • 5/2 Still in the game

ben-tison-teo-zapata-smash padel gene

Benjamin Tison puts the level of France in the eyes of the world. Tison / Zapata continues to impress.

The Franco-Spanish pair want to extend the show, to the delight of the spectators. 40-15

New balls for Ben's serve. 15-0.

  • 5/1 One game of the match

The game is won without conceding a single point /

STUPA COMES FROM ANOTHER PLANET! On defense, then on offense, he does things humans can't. Spectators in amazement. 30-0

Benjamin Tison et Teodoro Zapata are really playing at a very good level today. It must be said that they play on the number 1 pair in the race, which is also very much in the leg today. We are witnessing a real good game of padel.

  • 4/1 Double-break from Stupa / Ruiz

Two double-break balls! Stupa and Ruiz are really very strong. They take another break.

One of the most beautiful exchanges that the tournament concludes with Stupa. The point lasted more than two minutes !!! 30-30

Amortized to show in the schools of Teo Zapata. Ben's teammate has a really good hand. Ben's next damping remains in the net. 15-15

Stupa and Ruiz's serve play is easier in this second set. New white game. 3/1

  • 2/1 Tison / Zapata hangs on

Tison previa vigo fly forehand

Both players hang on to their serve and remain in this second set.

Benjamin Tison wants to believe in his chances. 30-0

Stupa and Ruiz light the dynamite. White game 2/0

  • 1/0 Break for Stupa / Ruiz

PUNTO DE ORO. Stupa and Ruiz know how to win the important points. Lack of experience seems to be the reason for this break.

It is necessary to hold in this first game for Tison / Zapata. The two players fight like lions. 40/30

Splendid par 3 exit of Ruiz 0-15.

Zapata serving to start the first set.

The first set was hotly contested, but Stupa / Ruiz are very strong in the important moments. Experience pays off.


alex-ruiz-franco-stupaczuk-vigo 2021 hands encouragement

Supersonico Stupa and Captain America Ruiz don't miss the opportunity. They take the first set in 42 minutes of play.

Tison crosses the diagonal in a very nice way. The spectators seem surprised at the level of play of the French. “He's really good,” we hear in the stands. 15-15

Stupa is used to conclude this set. Tison / Zapata will try to make it last ...

  • 5/4 Tison / Zapata shutout

We are witnessing a magnificent match of padel. Zapata is in a hurry on his service. Tison / Zapata shutout.

  • 5/3 to a game of the set

Stupa ends the game on a par 4.

Wonderful stitch again with perfect cushioning from Tison dug up by Stupa. UNBELIEVABLE ! 30-15

New balls. Alex Ruiz at the service. He inaugurates these balls well with his particular dynamite. 15-0

  • 4/3 What a spectacle!

THE POINT OF THE TOURNAMENT. The stadium is rising. Exits in all directions conclude with Ben Tison who is on fire !!!

Tison / Zapata does not surrender. Par 4 of Tison 30-15

  • 4/2 Stupa / Ruiz flies away

TWO BREAK BALLS FOR TISON / ZAPATA. The first bullet is saved. Punto de oro. Tison demands a return, but Ruiz goes into mass destruction mode.

The spectators feast. The game is very pleasant. It's the best atmosphere since the start of the day. 30-30.

WHICH POINT ! Tison comes out by 3 and puts the ball back into the field through the gate. Ruiz responds with rare responsiveness. 15-0

  • 3/2 New station wagon from Stupa / Ruiz

Captain America Ruiz gets underway! He wins the point on the fly.

Zapata makes some mistakes in this game. 15-40. The first break point is saved.

15-30 New difficult situation on Tison's serve.

  • 2/2 TISON / ZAPATA BREAK !!!

PUNTO DE ORO. First break point for Tison / Zapata. They are good in their game and can hurt Stupa / Ruiz.

Luck does not accompany our French which fails on the net. On the following point Ben Tison shows that he is in his place in this table. PAR 4 and 15-15.

  • 2/1 First game for Tison / Zapata

Complicated situation on Zapata's serve, but the players finally relax to take their first game! THE FIRST GAME OF A FRENCH PLAYER IN A TABLE OF WORLD PADEL TOUR !

The French and the Spaniard fight, but Stupa / Ruiz confirms the break. 2/0

Tison / Zapata enter the battle. The exchanges are disputed. 30-15


Benjamin Tison seems a little tense at the start of the match. Stupa and Ruiz make the first break.

Captain america ruiz already expresses its power, from the first point of the match with a par 4. First situation 15-30.

  • 0/0 Start of the match. BENJAMIN TISON AT THE SERVICE

Start of the match

  • 16:26 p.m .: Alex Ruiz runs off the center track two minutes from the start of the match. Probably a pressing desire to go to the bathroom ...
  • 16:20 p.m .: warm-up

The players are on their toes. Our French is concentrated. In his diagonal, he will have to fight against one of the very best left-handers in the world: Alex Ruiz.

While Teo, Benjamin's Spanish partner will have Stupa in the viewfinder. Great moments for these players who are more used to preprevias and previas.

It's pretty cool to see Benjamin warm up in its parallel with Stupa before the start of the match.

A few hundred people attended this meeting in Vigo at the magnificent As Travesas sports complex.

  • 16:17 p.m. The players return to the court

Botello / Ruiz finally beat Coello / Lamperti in straight sets. Tison, Zapata, Ruiz and Stupa skip through the halls. They return to the court. LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN !

Start of the long-awaited match between the Franco-Spanish pair Tison / Zapata and the pair that has been the most sparkling since the start of the Ruiz / Stupa season.

For Benjamin Tison, it is a very special moment, since he is the first French to reach this stage of the competition on an Open du World Padel Tour.

"I feel very good. I will play natural and try to surprise with my particular game. ”, Benjamin Tison is ready for the most important game of his career.

  • 16 p.m .: The match will not start before 16 p.m.

The game is a bit late with meetings that lasted this morning. Currently on the central, Coello / Lamperti struggle to stay in the game. Botello / Ruiz took the first set 6/3 and leads 3/2 in the second.

World Padel Tour Vigo 2021 central land


main board brand vigo wpt 2021

Photo credits : World Padel Tour

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