Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello knocked out the number 8 seed in the Vigo Open from World Padel Tour in the round of XNUMX.

“Our best result”

Opposed to seeded 8 Navarro / Reiter, Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello knew they had a chance to play today against a broken pair of results this year. A little tense, the French and the Spanish struggled at the start of the match, they made too many mistakes and ended up losing the first set 6/1.

Coming back to the game little by little, they won a crucial punto de oro on their 3-way serve, which allowed them to break free and start developing their best game. On their momentum, they won the set 6/3 .

More aggressive and solid on important points, they suffocate their opponents and win the match 1/6 6/3 6/2. A very good performance as underlined by the French champion: “It's our best result so far, we're very happy to have beaten a seed and come out after losing the first set.”

A shot to play in the eighth

Tomorrow, it's a big match that awaits the last French representative and her partner, against Tamara Icardo (23) and Delfi Brea (14). “It's definitely a more affordable game than against other seeds. They are in good shape, they have made a semi-final in Madrid, but we have our chances, and even if it will be hard, we can clearly win this meeting. It will take a very solid game. ”

After sensation Benjamin Tison, Alix Collombon would also like to leave her mark on this tournament and afford a first quarter-final with his new partner, its avowed objective: “This is the course we want to take, to make quarters. We have to continue in the tradition of the game we are producing. We need to be more consistent but when we play well, I think we can beat good pairs. We get along very well and I think we still have a long way to go to be where we want to be. ”

Start of the match in the second rotation tomorrow morning.

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