It's the perfect birthday present for Franco Stupaczuk! The Argentinian and his partner Alex Ruiz advance to their first semi-final of the year.

After being one of the hottest pairs in 2021, Franco Stupaczuk and Alex Ruiz started the new year less flamboyantly. Beaten in the quarter-finals by Chingotto / Tello in the first two tournaments, Carlos Pozzoni's players were waiting for a first benchmark performance.

And we can think that they hold it, with this victory against the Miami Open champions, Arturo Coello and Fernando Belasteguin. In this clash between two pairs built somewhat the same way (a hard-working right-handed Argentinian on the left, a powerful left-handed Spaniard on the right), it was Alex and Stupa who were the strongest today.

While they had taken the service of their opponents at the first opportunity and they seemed particularly on their legs, Bela and Coello had difficulty in showing regularity throughout the meeting, unlike their opponents which seemed stronger in the head today. As a reward for this solidity, they offer themselves their first semi-final of 2022 and celebrate Franco Stupaczuk's 26th birthday in the best possible way!

You can now follow the rest of the men's quarter-finals on World Padel Tour TV.

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