The French men's team has just qualified for the semi-finals of the 12th European Championship to the detriment of Belgium.

It was hard but the French got there! Thanks to a third match Controlled by Adrien Maigret and Johan Bergeron, France qualifies for the semi-finals. She will face Spain tomorrow, which has made short work of Germany: 3/0.

Bastien Blanqué and Benjamin Tison won the first point for the French team after saving 5 set points in the first round! A 7/6 6/3 victory against Gala and Geens who had a good match but not enough to dominate our two French du World Padel Tour.

blanqué bergeron france belgium marbella europe XII FIP

In the second match, Montoisy and Peeters got the better of Scatena and Inzerillo, after a very good fight in three sets. A 6/3 1/6 6/4 victory which offered the public a decisive 3rd match.

Belgian supporters france belgium marbella europe 2021

A meeting mastered from start to finish by Bergeron and Maigret against Coene and Braet: 6/3 6/3. Thanks to this success, the tricolors offer themselves a revenge against Spain!


At the moment, the girls are also trying to qualify for the semi-finals, against Belgium as well.

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