Let's take stock of the results at the end of the group stage at the 12th European Championships of padel of the FIP, which are played in Marbella.

In the ladies

group A

They are joined by Sweden who finished 2nd and also qualified for the rest of the competition. For Finland, direction the consoling one.

Ranking France woman group A

group B

  • Italy without problem

Despite their defeat today, Germany, second in the group, joined their executioner Italy in the remainder of the adventure, leaving Poland in last place.

Ranking Group B Women

group C

  • Spain flies over

The Spanish armada struck again and today it is the British who have paid the costs. Behind the Spaniards who have lost only 4 games in three confrontations, we find Belgium. In this very strong group, it is thus Great Britain which brings up the rear and which integrates the table of consoling.

Classification group C woman

Group D

  • Dutch women as patrons

Following their defeats of the day, the Russians and Lithuanians will not see the quarterfinals. Denmark joins the Netherlands, which will have achieved a clear round with 3 wins!

classification group D woman

On the Gentlemen's side

group A

  • Italy sure of its strength

The Transalpines ensured by winning all their matches in the competition.

The Poles, thanks to their two victories, are also on the journey to the quarter-finals. It's over for Switzerland and Monaco, which integrate the consoling.

Classification group A Men

group B

  • Spain without problem

The Blues finish second with 2 points and thus follow the Spanish furia roja which, as we could imagine, has only chained victories. Denmark will not be unworthy and will not have gone far from the feat against France on the first day of competition!

group C

  • Belgium does the job

The Belgians finish first in this group C with 3 wins, and only one game lost in total. Behind, it is Great Britain who qualify thanks to their precious victory against Finland today.

Ranking group c Men

Group D

  • Sweden as we expected

Favorites of this group D, the Swedes get the job done by scoring the 3 points. Behind, we were expecting the Netherlands but it was finally Germany that capped it at the post thanks to its 2/1 victory today. A big surprise!

Classification group D Men


Credits: FIP Facebook page

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