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Yanguas: “Arroyo’s potential is mind-blowing”

Asked by our colleagues Brand on the many partners he has had this season (7 and maybe soon 8), Miguel Yanguas was full of praise for his former teammate Alex Arroyo.

About the one who will play today in the quarter-final in Malmö, “Mike” said:

"Arroyo's potential is mind-blowing, he has moves I've never seen before.”

The Andalusian was even a little disappointed that this association ended: “We had a very good preseason and during the first tournament we almost beat Lebron and Galan. The sensations were excellent. (…) I think we complemented each other very well, him on the offensive side and me on the defensive side”.

For the moment, it is with another young talent, Edu Alonso, that Arroyo seems to be having fun, but it does not seem impossible to see him again in the future alongside Yanguas. And with a little more experience on each side, a 2.0 combination of this pair could hurt a lot!

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Xan Tafernaberry