Yoann Huget, from Team Bleu Laura Clergue told us his first impressions of the All Star Remontada Padel.

“Robert Pirès introduced me to padel"

“We have the chance to live a superb experience, playing padel at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. It's a surface that we're not used to mastering, it's a little hard to adapt to on the ground. The first match was good, but we will come back stronger in the next four matches.”

“I discovered the padel with Robert Pirès, several years ago. I thought I would catch up to him a little faster, because he's starting to get a little older, but I still have a little room for improvement.”

"The padel allows us to experience great moments, except when we lose”

"The padel is a moment when we find ourselves among former athletes, like Thierry Omeyer et Florent Sinama-Pongolle. We share a good time with a little competition: everything comes together to have a great time, except when we lose!”

“We enjoy getting together and having fun, because we are competitors at heart, we want to win!”

Laura Clergue, an experienced captain

“She gave us a lot of guidance, good advice. It’s a pleasure to have him by our side and we hope to honor him in future matches.”

Léa Deutsch

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