Back to the interview with Mai Vo, assimilated 5th French player, on Tuesday May 19 in the “Face-à-Face” Live on Instagram.

  • Regarding its containment

Like everyone, time is long but I am lucky to have been able to work because I am a general practitioner. While waiting to be able to resume the paddle tennis court, we take the tennis rackets. I take my pain patiently!

Physically, as I have not stopped hurting myself in recent years, I have rehabilitation equipment at home, including a bicycle and weight training equipment. This helped me during confinement to limit breakage.

Since the de-containment, I try to resume jogging and tennis.

  • The health situation

As a liberal general practitioner, all suspicions of COVID were managed by phone to avoid contagion.

Regarding Professor Raoult, I have no opinion on chloroquine but I think that his study does not stand up. Ethically it's not worth it.

  • His beginnings in padel

During the 2015 National Padel Cup, I had only been playing padel for 6 months. I come from the Paris region and I found myself in Perpignan, a city in which nobody practically played tennis anymore so I had to find another sport even if I really like tennis.

I learned tennis starting with the volley I think it helped me for the padel.

Before the National Padel Cup, the first French championships were held. Coming from the Paris region, I could not participate in this edition because there were no qualifications that year. There weren't as many players as there were now.

It is more complicated to seek a place in the France team with the number of players evolving, but at the same time it is motivating and makes us all progress.

  • Its different partners

In 2018, I played with Audrey Casanova. This year has been top both on and off the field. We ended up on a very nice French Championship in the final against Alix and Jess, who were even a little scared. We did not continue because I am in Bordeaux and Audrey lives in Aix. Distance is really a problem because we never train together.

I asked Léa if she wanted us to play together since she came from Bordeaux, we had good results together. But we didn't have the same objectives, Léa is young and has a professional padel project, I have my life here in Bordeaux, my job.

I met Amélie at the Setteo which took place in October 2018, then when I returned from the world championships in Paraguay, there was a P250 which was taking place in Bordeaux. Léa Godallier signed up with Nada Majdoubi. A tennis friend not being available, so I asked Amélie to play it with me. We had a good laugh, we got on well afterwards and we are there today.

We have agreed on the trips to play the P2000 and P1000 tournaments, below, we prefer to play men's tournaments in our region. This allows us to change opponents because it must be said, in female tournaments, we always play the same players.

The goal with Amélie is to try to win everything if we can, we go on the field for that.

But with Amélie, we would like to try one or two WPT tournaments if our calendars stick.

  • Amélie Feaugas' selection

Amélie only played one season on the French circuit and she found herself in the France team for the European championships last November. She even played a match there that brought in a big point for France in the final against Italy. That means it had its place, whether I was there or not.

There may have been other players who had their place. On the technical side for example, it may be a little behind. But because of her great tennis experience, mentally she is very strong, she never gives up, that is surely what Patrick Fouquet was based on.

  • Right or left player?

I started by playing on the left until my injury in 2016. After taking care of myself, I played with Elodie Damiano who also played on the left. As I started again, I logically played on the right.

As far as angles and positioning are concerned, I feel much better on the left. It is true that I do not have big smash, but everything is easier for me on the left even in terms of the vision of the game. I manage on the right too, but as I am small, I practically do not touch ball, so I'm a little bored.

  • His participation in France 2019

The 2019 French Championships, I shouldn't have gone clearly. It was nonsense, I couldn't even run. I did it because I wanted to find the padel atmosphere and play with Amélie. I also wanted us to show up before the European Championships.

During the match we played against Alix and Jess, I hurt myself after two games and we forfeited the rest because I couldn't play anymore.

  • Its non-selection for Europe

Patrick Fouquet came to see me after our match at the French Championships to ask me if I felt like I was 100% in a month, a month and a half. I had replied that I did not know anything about it for the moment even if the desire was very great. A few days later, I called her back to tell her that I will not be operational for the European Championships because the injury was not getting better and taking up a place when I was injured, I did not find that correct.

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