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  • On his news:

I am in Perpignan today. I know that there is a part of Spain which has the right to start again to train for the high level sportsmen in particular for the padel. For my part, I wait to see the evolution of things before making the decision to leave with Jérémy.

Regarding the resumption of the Wold Padel Tour, the organizers keep us informed as often as possible, they are working hard to get things back to normal.

I am confined with Jérémy. My mother's first cousin was a physical trainer for the USAP rugby team, he also plays padel so he knows the specifics of the activity. They put together a big program for us during this confinement based on one to two sessions per day of physics and I must say that I have never been so physically fit.

  • Jérémy Scatena his new partner

We made the choice to play together this year on the French circuit as well as the Wold Padel Tour circuit. We train together and the pre season went pretty well, we had good feelings. We played a very encouraging first tournament in Valencia by hanging a very good pair (70 and 72 WPT), a second tournament in Italy where I got the flu. We won our first game and then lost in the second round. Then there was this little disillusionment in Marbella where we lost input against Bastien Blanqué and his partner. Regrets about this first big tournament. Our biggest desire is to take back and show our value.

  • His ambitions on the World Padel Tour

It's only been six months since I started practicing padel. The top 80 objective is achievable for me. We will have to see if the tournaments resume this year because last year I did not play the first six tournaments and with the health crisis, the World Padel Tour canceled the first tournaments of the year so the players will not lose dots. Even if I have a good end of the season, I will have my points from last year to defend so if I finish the year between the classification 100 and 110, it will mean that we will have played very well.

  • A difference between Adrien Maigret and Jérémy Scatena?

It's always hard to compare, especially since they have two very different profiles. Adrien is talent in its purest form with grids and viboras, masterful blows and Jérémy is a hard worker who exploited the best of his potential with a big smash. In Previas and Previases, we do not have the right to leave the field, so the scat par3 are real assets.

In terms of agreement on the ground, I never had any problems with Adrien or with Jérémy. With Adrien, we didn't need to talk a lot while being efficient. With Jérém, the little extra is in the mental preparation because we both work with Jean Michel Pequery, which allows us to get to know each other even better. He is very invested in our project and it's a big plus.

  • One player less in the France team

Everyone makes their decisions, if Robin accepted this position it was because he had his reasons. As a player, for me, on the right, Robin is one of the best three French of course, so we would have liked to keep him on the team. I wish him luck in his new project. I hope it will go well for him and that he will not be missed too much on the field. There is a new place to take for a player on the right… Justin Lopes, Jérémy Ritz, Jt Peyrou, Nicolas Trancart, Simon Boissé… Maxime Moreau on the right could also be a very good option. I am a player and not a coach I do not intervene in the choices but there are many players with the level to enter the French team.

  • Its dazzling evolution in padel

I started padel 3/4 years ago by doing one game per week of training. I played my first tournament, a P500 with Fred Pommier, on which we made the final by defeating Jo Bergeon and Pierre Etienne Morillon. It is thanks to the good results that I have that I tried the adventure. For me it was not possible to leave to train in Spain because I was 30 years old, my job.

Finally, with the support of my family and friends, I left. I play padel full time, I have fun, like what life has in store for us.

  • Three French championships: two finals

We never went to the end with Adri but it is only the fault of Jo and Bastien because they always answered present during these two finals.

We did not play our best padel but in the two games they fully deserve their victories. It is a regret of course, but I intend to go and steal this title of champions of France.

  • A potential recovery in France?

Right now, we have to live day by day. No one knows the truth about coronavirus and its consequences. So if it is possible to resume in September, I dare to hope that the FFT will make sure to offer us a big tournament, a kind of French Championship. But I think the priority is not to take any risks regarding the health of the players. I would just like to know more, to have a little more visibility.

I am not a scientist, but as a human being I ask myself questions: how can you be 200 per metro train and prohibit 4 people on a padel court? Again, I know nothing about it, I let the specialists do it.

  • Padel teaching in France

Regarding the diploma to be able to teach padel, it will not be a state diploma right away, because the padel should not be part of the French Tennis Federation.

I was asked to be part of a working group, having been DES, teaching in my tennis and padel club, I responded favorably. Content is being created. The FFT will soon communicate on this, I can not say more for the moment.
Each one has a very precise mission, I am on the high level part and on the contents to be presented to the future trainees of this training.

  • On the development of padel in France and the public / private opposition

The development of padel will go through private clubs and municipal clubs. They should not be opposed. You have to realize that the development of padel in France cannot happen without private clubs, since only one or two municipal clubs have covered grounds.

I understand that the private clubs are unhappy, once again, I am a player, I have no decision-making power, but what I wish them is to succeed in getting along.

The FFT could very well help municipal clubs and private clubs.

  • Regarding player remuneration and the two professional circuits

We are listening to all proposals. There are two pro circuits: the APT Padel Tour and the WPT, which is very established in Spain but which gives very little prize money to players like us. As the best French players we are lucky to have sponsors.

  • On the management of the game for a pair composed of a left-handed and a right-handed

I think it's an advantage to be left-handed / right-handed, we both have the forehand volley and the smash in the center. We have never been shy either with Adrien or with Scat. On the WPT, I had not bad player proposals, especially because I am left-handed I think.

Jérémy had a proposal from a player number 80 and he preferred to play with me who am 121. He believed in our project, basically we had to play only in France but he wanted to play the WPT with me. I think I have a game that adapts to a lot of people.

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