This is news that may seem surprising just after their quarter-final at P2 in Seville : Teo Zapata and Enrique Goenaga separate.

After a big transfer window resulting from the separation of Lebron and Galan, we thought we were entitled to a little stability on the circuit. But as you know, separations and new associations are now more than ever part of the landscape of the padel professional and we have new proof of this with the announcement of the end of the adventure between Zapata and Goenaga.

The Spaniards, respectively 41st and , will not have had a bad start to the season, with two round of XNUMX and therefore this quarter-final in Andalusia, but we imagine that an attractive proposition, from one side or the other , will have been right about this association... Teo and Enrique can at least be satisfied with having finished on a very good note!

Now we are waiting to know with whom each of the two men will continue their season… We should know more soon!

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